Winner Declared!

When an unidentified contagious disease struck school photocopiers recently, causing them to chew up trees while contributing to climate change, there were schools across America that rose to the challenge. And on April 17th approximately 23,000 students in 30 schools across 13 U.S. States took part in The Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008.

Ultimately, the students at Grace Hill Elementary in Rogers, Arkansas solved the crisis by diagnosing their copy machine with a severe case of "Carbon Footprint Swollenitis".

They take home the title of "Copy Crisis Team of the Year" along with a $125 grant to purchase a tree and green their school.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Easy Steps to Getting Involved and Making a Difference on April 17th

1. Put together a team of the most creative, fun-loving, eco-conscious students and friends that you can find.

2. Perform a proper medical inspection to "diagnose" your copy machine and determine what disease you believe is making it chew up paper at such an enormous rate. Unfortunately, creating paper uses lots of energy, so it creates lots of CO2 that's contributing to climate change.

3. Register a "Confirmed Case" by sending an email to the copy crisis team in N. Babylon by April 15th, 2008 at copycrisisteam (@) gmail (dot) com confirming that your school photocopier has been struck by the disease, and include the name of your school, town, state, and the number of teachers and students who are being affected by it.

4. Then ask the teachers and students in your building not to make or use any photocopies in classes on Wednesday, April 17th as part of a national day of action to stop climate change.

5. On April 17th dress up your photocopier with the disease you've diagnosed. Remember, it can be real or imaginary as long as it demonstrates the fact that climate change is real and that we can do something about it!

6. Take a photo of your copy machine displaying the "symptoms" you're observing and email it to the copy crisis team at the address above by 9 pm EST on Friday April 19th, 2008.

7. Then come back on Earth Day to see if your entry is among the finalists chosen by our crack team of experts here in North Babylon to be posted on this website for further analysis.

8. Cast your vote to determine which of the top 10 diagnoses most accurately depicts the disease behind the Great Copy Machine Epidemic TM of 2008. After all, even a crack team of experts needs the help of everyone else to solve a problem as big as climate change.

9. Voting will close at 9pm EST on May 2, 2008. At which time the winner will be posted here and notified via email.

10. Remember to think twice before you make or use that extra photocopy in the future!

** The deadline to register a "Confirmed Case" in this year's Great Copy Machine Epidemic is Tuesday, April 15th, 2008.

*** The school who "solves" this year's epidemic will receive the title of "Copy Crisis Team of the Year" along with a $125 "tree-planting" grant for their school, generously provided by 3 teachers who have pooled their funds to make a difference.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!!Why didn't we think of it earlier!!

Anonymous said...

i love ur idea mr luna
im in his class at RMMS and he has been talking about it for ever! i love the idea.

Anonymous said...

=P awesome

Anonymous said...

Mr.Luna this is jimmy. I love the idea. Hopefully it is a success. Every school in america should participate. GO MR.LUNAAAAAAAAA

Jewls said...

^^ haha. MR LUNA!!!!! I cant wait for April 17th, its gonna be the best at our school.. and no papers is gonna be great!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Luna,
It's a great idea.
You're a genious. [: