Winner Declared!

When an unidentified contagious disease struck school photocopiers recently, causing them to chew up trees while contributing to climate change, there were schools across America that rose to the challenge. And on April 17th approximately 23,000 students in 30 schools across 13 U.S. States took part in The Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008.

Ultimately, the students at Grace Hill Elementary in Rogers, Arkansas solved the crisis by diagnosing their copy machine with a severe case of "Carbon Footprint Swollenitis".

They take home the title of "Copy Crisis Team of the Year" along with a $125 grant to purchase a tree and green their school.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Who is Organizing the Event?

This event is being primarily organized by the classes and efforts of Mr. Kenny Luna, a science teacher at the Robert Moses Middle School in NY in partnership with the and the .

The Go Green Initiative is the fastest growing organization devoted to helping schools "go green" in America today, and the National Environmental Education Organization is committed to raising the level of environmental education in schools across America.

Mr. Luna previously conducted a campaign called , asking Oprah to help give every child in America one CFL to help stop climate change, and currently serves as the , the leading source for environmental news on the web.